Sunday, August 20, 2017

Humming and Buzzing

With the ebb and flow of hummingbird activity, it has been hard to know what each week might bring. 

This past week has seen an increase in birds - 7 in all.

Amazing to have two female Rufous this close...

...and not fighting...

As I've always said, there's enough for everyone. 

More Rufous action.

They love this agastache.



Here's a female Anna's...

And a male Anna's.

It's good to have this handsome fellow out and about.

The Anna's will stay here through the fall and winter.

You can bet that I will make sure the feeders are clean and full for them.

Sunshine on the male Anna's.

He's perched surveying is kingdom.


A busy bird's life.

I'm finally blogging about my Great Michigan Adventure.  I pondered how to do it, and decided to back post to the dates in late July and early August that the events occurred. I will post links on my current posts as I do so.

Here is the link for Sunday, July 30th.


LaNelle said...

Beautiful photos of the hummingbirds! My favorites but bittersweet as I know here in northern MN all this activity means it won't be long and they will be gone......always so sad to see them leave wish them well on amazing journey....your lucky to have them all year😍

Robin in Virginia said...

Your hummingbird photos are fabulous, Beth. We have seen an increase in our hummingbird over the past few weeks. Ours will hang out here until the end of September or so. Enjoy your Sunday!

Maggee said...

You are certainly great at capturing the hummers at the flowers and feeders! I know how quick they can be! I get my fix, during slow times, from the Cornell Lab Hummer Cams! Love the Magnificent's colors! Thanks for sharing! (the link you added did not work...?)

Barb said...

Such amazing little birds!!!! My hardy fushia has finally recovered from the deer so I hope the hummers enjoy it.

phann son said...

Beautiful new project and your fabric is beautiful. Enjoy the eclipse. We have our eclipse glasses too. Your photos are the best. You even got a photo of a woodpeckers tongue! love Annette