Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Blog Header

September 2011 Blog Header Revisited

Time got away from me, so I am bringing back a blog header from 2011 figuring that many of you were not Followers then.  Here's your Math Challenge! 
I'm listing the stitches by vertical rows (not horizontal!) except rows 4 & 5 which I'm combining any-which direction!

Row #1 - Prairie Schooler, "Farmer's Market - Corn", Better Homes & Gardens, "Prize Winning Mini Samplers - Fruit Sampler", Fanci That, "Cabbage Patch", and Farmers' Market Photograph.

Row #2 - Ewe & Eye & Friends, "Wild White Onion", Farmers' Market Photograph, Ewe & Ewe & Friends, "Tangy Tomato", and Need'l Love Company, "Crow and Berries".

Row #3 - Farmers' Market Photograph, Prairie Schooler, "Thanksgiving Comes Again - Indian Corn", Prairie Schooler, "A Prairie Garden - Sunflower", and SamSarah, "Alphabet Baubles - P is for Pear".

Row #4 & Row #5 - Heart in Hand, "Wee Vegetables" - then to the right to Twisted Threads, "Harvest Trio - Bitty Birds", then down to Ewe & Ewe & Friends, "Curious Carrot", down again to "Ewe & Eye & Friends, "Corn", and lastly a Flower Basket Photograph.  

If you have further questions, write a comment or email me and I'll be happy to answer as best I can.

With the start of September, the number of birds and kinds of birds have changed.

I am getting more hawks, more often.
One even took after a Flicker!

I will say they are lovely fliers!

Here's a group of young White-crowned Sparrows with smaller American Goldfinch. 

I must have 30-35 American Goldfinches.

They are mad about the shelled sunflower seeds.

And they are rather motley in appearance!

I am starting to see more Cedar Waxwings - that's exciting!

But I rarely see a Black-headed Grosbeak.  Most have left for their winter homes. 

Fortunately, I still have jays - Scrub Jays...

...and Steller's Jays.

Here's a one time only photo of the two kinds of jays sharing a drink together.

They do chatter and squawk and are a great Hawk Early Warning System.


Robin in Virginia said...

I like seeing your new header each month, Beth. Great bird pictures, love the blues on the Jays.

Pondside said...

I love your September header!
As I walked on the beach this morning I realised that it had been some time since I'd seen anything other than crows, gulls, geese and herons. I think I need to change my walk a little. I can't remember when I last saw a cedar waxwing!

Barb said...

A wonderful header. It looks like the county fair!

Wanda said...

Hi Beth,
What a lovely header - makes me hungry!

Carol said...

Wow, those Stellar Jays are really striking! Love the color of blue on them. Cute blog header, too--always good to recycle :)

Margaret said...

Love the new header! And can I say that once in a while, I actually recognize a bird thanks to you? It's great!

Frances N said...

Your header is great! Such cute stitching!
I like the photo of the two jays together!!

Pam in IL said...

Love the September header! It's great to be able to spend a few minutes enjoying all your pics.