Sunday, September 4, 2016

August Photos - Trail Camera #2

Our second Trail Camera is located at the edge of our backyard.

We ended up with several photos of California Quail.

A couple.

A family.

And bunnies.

Hopping bunnies.

Bunny in the early morning light.


And a fox up here as well.

I wonder if it is the same animal we 'captured' on the other trail camera.

The twins at the start of the month.

Deer were omnipresent.

A handsome fellow.

We got better photos of the bob-cat on this camera.


The pose of a predator.

On the move in the afternoon!


Maggee said...

Quite a menagerie of critters!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Very beautiful photos

Barb said...

Such an interesting collection of critters. That bob cat was especially interesting to see in the afternoon! Even bit scary.

Stewart M said...

Nice - as normal!

Could you let me know what sort of camera you use please?

Cheers - Stewart M - Just back in Melbourne!