Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Last Walk of August

The weather has moderated!  It's moderated to such an extent that I am wearing a sweater outside in the morning and evening now. 

The last walk of August feels like fall.
The temperature is cooler and there was fog and dew in the morning.
Plus ripe blackberries = fall! 

And so do Rosehips.
My sister has a lovely patch down in her Dahlia Garden. 

Someone has been eating the Osier Dogwood berries.

The Snowberries do not appear to be anyone's favorite.
They hang on uneaten until late winter when the critters get desperate for food sources. 

One last pretty Rosehip photo.

And now let's go see what's been happening up at the house.  

We've had Worker Bees and their equipment around for a couple of weeks now.

Parvati always checks out anything that is 'new'.
Notice the bricks? 

Well I received this lovely potting bench last Christmas and did not want it sitting outside in the weeds and dirt... 

So we had a brick and concrete extension added to the end of the shop.
Now I can putter away to my heart's content. The picnic bench to the left is a 'heirloom'. It belong to Howard and Dorothy McBeth who originally owned the property we now live on.   

Another set of Worker Bees is getting the front yard prepped.  When they have it put to rights, they will install the deer fence.  Then the irrigation will go in next, and finally the lawn.  Big changes!  


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Rose hips...I love photos of those and I don't know exactly why...maybe it is the shape or color? I don't know but that and bittersweet. Could look at them all day...dreaming. Weird I know.

Vickie said...

A sweater! Can it be?! Oh I hope so!! Blackberries, yum, yum.
What a great extension and potting bench. :)

Margaret said...

Nice on the new terrace! Perfect for your potting bench. I hope the front yard renovation goes quickly so you can enjoy the changes!

Maggee said...

First off--a sweater!! REALLY? I wish!! Still hot and sticky here, with a tropical storm heading our way, just for good measure... :/ And secondly--I was thinking about the yard work being done, and hoping for a progress report. Your side patio looks nice... a good spot for puttering! They better get busy, before the cold really sets in there!

Barb said...

The new potting bench looks right at home on the new patio. I love rose hips, in, fact, many of the Fall things on your walk appeal to me.

Carol said...

Oh, a deer fence!! Lucky you!! And irrigation--wow! Your gardens will be better than ever...

It's been sweater weather here the past two mornings, as well--love it :)