Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Critter Report

With gray days, the Anna's look a but dull.

But while they may look a bit dull, they certainly do not act dull!

They are so much fun to watch.

They are among the first birds to be active in the morning.

They buzz to the Mudroom Flowerbed for nectar...  

...and to the feeders to refuel and re-energize.

I was hoping for a better photo of the mature male, but this is the best I have.

There's so much 'natural' food available, that I haven't seen much of the chipmunks lately.

This one was 'guarding' a woodpile down by Dorothy's Creek and was not pleased to have us nearby.

"There's nothing to see here - move on please!"

Predators have eyes in the front of their heads, prey have eyes on the sides on their head!

Yes, you funny bunny.  

You also have large ears to help you survive.

And how cool is this?  The snakeskin is about 18" long - a pretty good-sized snake.

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Vickie said...

Yucky! I don't care for the snakeskins, but our boys went wild when they found them when they were younger. ;)