Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Critters

With all the construction folks working on the deer fence, there have not been many critters this past week.

I think this bunny looks rather disgruntled.

It's official. The Rufous Hummingbirds have left.
The Anna's Hummingbirds rule!

And they even manage to get along once in a while!

The deer don't yet realize that their days in the front of the house are soon to come to an end with the fence. 

We will still see them as the back is open to them.


Mouse said...

awwwww ....I have been out and about walking and yesterday saw a fox on my trail ... and no camera to hand wahhhh ... glad you are still able to see the deer though :) love mouse xxxx

Margaret said...

I bet all the creatures don't like all the hub bub going on around your place. It's nice to see some hummers and other critters though.

Rowyn said...

You have such a wonderful array of wildlife around your home!

Pull the other thread said...

Great Sunday Critters roundup

Maggee said...

You must be having a whole lot of work done, cause it seems to be taking forever! But--that comes from being married to a man who did construction stuff, and did it quick! Love all the critters!

Carol said...

I never tire of seeing those sweet bunny faces :)