Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekday Wrap Up

I've made a little stitching progress on my Shepherd's Bush bee stitch. It is nice to be working with silks. 

Tuesday evening we were delighted to watch a Great Blue Heron fly overhead.

A male Lesser Goldfinch has a drink.

What a scraggly looking fellow this Purple Finch is! He's got a real case of messy feathers going on!

This Purple Finch, on the other hand, is perfectly groomed. 

And handsome both to the left and right profiles.

The Violet-green Swallows are busy busy busy feeding children.  I expect to see begging faces peaking out of the birdhouse holes any day now.  

I am so pleased that Downy Woodpeckers have returned to my feeders.

As have Hairy Woodpeckers.  I love all my woodpeckers!

I think the female Flickers are lovely in a quiet understated way.

They look intelligent too.

The males sometimes look a bit full of themselves! 

That is some beak they have!  No wondering foraging for insects on the dry, hard-packed ground is not a challenge. 

I had a group of five Mourning Doves - my largest in a number of weeks. 

A Quiet Couple Moment as a female and male House Finch converse.


Vickie said...

Great Blue Herons are so magnificent aren't they? Our last home had a river at the back of our lot. We saw them often. :D

Kate said...

Lovely stitching. I've not tried silk threads before; do they snag or knot more or less than cotton? Wow, you get a beautiful variety of birds! Love all the photos.

Barb said...

I would love to see a purple finch. So far, we only have the occasional house finch.

Anonymous said...

I really want to try silks! I guess you don't have to use anything like Thread Heaven with them? Sad they are so much more expensive than cotton...

daisy g said...

Your stitching is always so marvelous!
What a treasure trove of birds you have!

Maggee said...

I love using silks too! So soft to touch... The Downys are visiting again over here. And no Grackles or Starlings!! Yay! You have quite a menagerie visiting!