Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hummingbird Sunday

My male hummingbirds are AWOL...

...fortunately I have lots of females... this Rufous Hummingbird.

I have several females - at least three I think.

They are aggressive little things and try to run off the Goldfinches! 

I also have several female Anna's. 

I wonder if the small throat patch means this is a young male Rufous.

Both the Rufous...

...and the Anna's have been frequenting my feeders.

With our very hot weather I am changing out the nectar every other day so it does not spoil and harm the birds. 

The male Rufous used to hang out in the trees in the backyard.  Now I jsut see females. 

Kinda' strange.

I do have lots of plants in bloom now and the hummers are working away.

They are so very acrobatic.



Vickie said...

Such a pretty post Beth!

Kate said...

Beautiful! My neighbor has a hummingbird feeder up but I keep forgetting to ask if he ever sees any in our area.

Barb said...

I had lunch today at our local store. There was a display of art for sale. Included was a photo of a hummingbird. I looked at it and thought, "Beth's photos are better than this one." Plus it had a pretty hefty price tag. Your Hummer photos are the best!

Frances N said...

I love your hummingbirds. I think the Annas are my favorite hummingbird!