Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Critters

This young buck (last year's fawn) is often on its own. My theory is that Mama is pregnant and wants nothing to do with him any longer.

He is easy to recognize as his left antler is longer than his right. 

A couple of gray squirrels come by daily.

Somehow they are not nearly as amusing as the chipmunks.

There are 5 in this photo!

I count anywhere from 7-9 most mornings.

They work the ground for the seeds that fall from a large tube feeder. 

I tell them they are much safer up on the woodpile.

And to stay off the Back Patio at all costs!

It's much safer on the woodpile.  Oh and stay off the Front Porch too!  All my flower pots are erupting with clumps of germinating sunflowers.  I wonder who is to blame!

Okay, is there anything cuter than a Baby Bunny Butt?

Big Bunny!

Besides the adult bunnies...

...we now have lots of baby bunnies.

Including this one.

Pretty darned cute.


Vickie said...

Madeleine and I just watched a Canadian documentary on chipmunks. :D
Bunnies are so precious!

Angela Tucker said...

I love baby bunny butts! LOL We have one that stops by to nibble on our grass most mornings. He's perfectly safe. No cats and my 100 pound rottie is too lazy to get up and chase him away. LOL

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures...they are always amazing!

Barb said...

You have so many cute little creatures in your yard!

Maggee said...

Love the critter pics! Haven't seen but one bunny this year...