Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sapsuckers & Other Birds

I am plugging away on my second Prairie Schooler 'small'.

One morning there were Red-breasted Sapsuckers everywhere! 

The morning light was less than wonderful and I managed to 'capture' two birds, but I think there was a family of four.  

They reappeared later in the day...

...but again two was the most I managed to bag.

This sweet yellow House Finch is a 'regular'. I never see him with a female like the red-suited male House Finches.  He might be a great example of 'clothes make the man'.

The same gray morning I had a couple of Purple Martins visit. 

Again, the color is all washed out due to the morning light conditions, but you can see the size of the bird in comparison to a Steller's Jay.  Later that morning while I was dozing in a hammock, four Purple Martins came to the bird bath in the back yard.  I know they are a 'common' bird for lots of the USA, but they are infrequent and sporadic visitors for me.  

This young bird came by for a few minutes without any adults to help me with identification.

After consulting with other birders, we've decided it is a newly fledged Cowbird.

With the help of my father, I repaired a peanut feeder that raccoons had damaged a couple of years ago.

I've put it in the backyard and the Chickadees have found it.

The Flickers are still using the front feeders.

And they are still busy with their youngsters.

Here Mama Bird (on the right) is feeding her great big greedy Baby Baby Bird (on the left).


Vickie said...

Oh I like the yellow finch. :)

Heather said...

I love your bird pictures! Your bee stitchery is cute! I have a thing for bees this year! :-)

Margaret said...

I so admire your picture taking abilities. After attempting to take bird pics in London, I appreciate what you do so much!

Wanda said...

Beth, I love your PS stitches! I just love everything about PS and the timelessness of their patterns.
It's so exciting to see the sapsuckers (this is the only place I'm likely to see the) and I love the pictures of the flickers. The other night we were sitting outside and had the pleasure of seeing the dad downy woodpecker feeding two babies!
Try to find someplace cool over the next few days!

Barb said...

Great bird photos. It looks like they are holding up quite well in the heat. I love that Sapsucker what pretty colors!

Frances N said...

I like this Prairie Schooler, too!
And there are my favorite flickers! Too sweet--mama & baby!