Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Bird Wrap Up

Late May to early June has been a wonderful time for birding and I've gotten behind in presenting  some of the more 'mundane' birds what with the excitement over new or seasonal birds. So here we go...
A 'V' of geese overhead

Several Turkey Vultures watched as I worked on a flowerbed. Keep moving!

A bird only a Mama bird could love!

I think California Quail are nesting.  The males are extremely protective.   

Our hopes for baby Evening Grosbeaks rest on the shoulders of this single female who continues to come to my feeders.  I sure hope there is a Guy Grosbeak out there somewhere!

The Violet-Green Swallows are nesting. Their babies often fledge around the 4th of July.  

The Tree Swallows started nesting earlier, so they should have the first hatchlings.

I've not yet managed to get a photo that shows off just how pretty the male Tree Swallow is. In the sunlight, the back feathers gleam a bright blue. 

Right now the White-crowned Sparrows are rare visitors at the feeders. 

I wonder how many Starlings I 'have' now.  There were certainly several young birds just a couple of weeks ago.

In the evening I hear a couple of Robins chattering away, but I do not often see one.   

The yellow male House Finch is very striking I think, especially as all the other males are sporting shades of red.  I wonder what the female House Finches make of him!

Two Scrub Jays


cucki said...

awww sweet..i love bird houses and birds are my fav too xx

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love birds!!! Your portraits of them are gorgeous!

Barb said...

Those birds all look very pretty! In the weather world, way too hot up here this week-end!