Monday, September 15, 2014

Black and Red

Design - "Cats"
Designer - Barrick Samplers
FAbric - 32 count Birds of a Feather 'Meadowlark'
Fibers - GAST -2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 9 September 2014
Completed - 11 September 2014

I titled this post Black and Red and I will slowly transition to that. I've begun with my "Cats" stitch which is black and orange.

Next up, a male Flicker - brown and orange/red. 

He's followed by the woodpeckers - all of whom are black and red.
As you can see from this collage, it was a great week for woodpeckers.

I am continually amused watching the Acorns at the birdbath.  

They are such woodpeckers and perch on the side using their strong tail feathers as ballast to help prop them up.

What's better than two Acorns at the bird bath, why three Acorns, that's what!
By the way, my most recent Acorn Woodpecker Census came up with a tentative count of six birds!   

Most days I see one or two birds on our driveway getting bits of gravel and grit to aid with digesting peanuts and acorns and the like.  


I also took a census of Red-breasted Sapsuckers and was thrilled to see three birds. I later counted five, yes five birds on two different trees.

After not seeing any at all the first half of the year, it's great to have them back and busy at work.

I'm not sure why they were working on a snag (dead wood).

Their preference is live trees.

They systematically drill a series of holes in a tree all of which emit sap. The birds eat the sap (as do others like the Anna's Hummingbirds).  Trees attempt to heal wounds, but cannot quickly close up a Sapsucker's hole. Scientist are intrigued.  They wonder if the birds have some chemical which inhibits the sap from drying, much as drug Warfarin inhibits blood from coagulating.  

Then I heard the deep rhythmic "thunk-thunk-thunk" in the forest and found this female Pileated Woodpecker. She talked and another bird answered... 

And here is the second bird.

A male Pileated Woodpecker. 

He is a bit larger than the female and his red crown extends the across the top of his head, while hers ends at the eyes.
I think I could watch woodpeckers for hours on end!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads my blog, and extend a special thanks to those who comment. I try to answer all questions, but if you are set up with Google as "no-reply" then I cannot. Some one (Di) asked about the frames I use. I blogged about that a few days ago here. Bonnie had a question about where we grow dahlias.  We are in the southern end of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  Great growing conditions for dahlias though the state of Washington thinks it tops us!  


Ann at Beadlework. said...

This particular flicker photo makes the bird seem really quite big.

Margaret said...

Fantastic! Those pileated woodpeckers are wonderful. You have quite a population of all these birds. So cool!

Melissa said...

Wonderful finish. It's great to see all those woodpeckers. They have very comical looks, full of character!

Funny story - we heard a thunk thunk thunk in our backyard on the weekend. A woodpecker was pecking away at the hole in one of our birdhouses! Wha???? Not sure why. He's still hanging around here for the free food. The chickadees are also back in full force around the birdfeeder too.

Melody said...

Hi Beth, I was showing my hubby your blog this morning and he was definitely envious of all your bird sightings! LOL. Great pics again. Also, I love the cat finish.

cucki said...

Aww I love cats (:

Carol said...

Such a cute finish, Beth--I do love anything with cats in it :) And very interesting about the woodpeckers and the tree sap (and my husband wonders where I pick up all my nature info--why, from your blog, of course :)

Barb said...

I don't think anyone here in Washington can top your sister when it comes to dahlias!!! Loved all the woodpecker photos!

Wanda said...

Beth, what an amazing post! I am so fascinated by woodpeckers. I can't believe the absolutely incredible pictures you are able to get of the red breasted sapsuckers, the acorns, the flicker and the pileated woodpecker - LOVE the picture of the two acorns!
C is for cat turned out beautifully. (also really enjoyed your Sunday Critters!)

Pam in IL said...

I just love seeing all your black and red! Not sure why, but I haven't seen or heard woodpeckers around here since this spring. Great stitching too.