Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birds of a Feather

Design - "November"
Chart - "Spring and Fall" (#90)
Designer - The Prairie Schooler
Fabric - 32 count natural linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 15 November 2013
Completed - 1 September 2014

I missed my August deadline by one day with this UFO finish.  He is a most handsome Tom with a great show of his fine plumage. I was going to have amazing synergy with this finish and dazzle you photos of the flock of turkeys that hang out about 1/2 a mile from here.  The turkeys though refused to cooperate and were never in their 'usual' fields when I drove by the past few days.  

Tuesday morning began with a rainbow. That is always a good sign.
In this case it was a sign of Really Good Birding! 

I counted five hummingbirds at my feeders.

And as these photos attest, a Rufous Hummingbird or two are still hanging around.  

So for the third time I counted five Acorn Woodpeckers.

I'm a bit more certain as to the validity of that number as I had two females at my feeders at the same time.  This one has blotches of red sprinkled in the black atop her head.

This female is blotch-free and runs red, black, white from the top of her head to her beak.

But here's this week's BIG BIRD NEWS!!! 

It's hard to top a flock of over 40 Cedar Waxwings!
With Waxwings it is true that birds of a feather flock together!

They've been hanging around near the house since Sunday. 

But Tuesday they ventured closer still.

The large flock is composed of mature adults and immature newly fledged juveniles.

Here's a juvenile.

This is the same bird - pretty rumpled looking.

For comparison here is an adult.
The black mask around the eyes is clearly defined as is the crest atop the head. The breast is smooth and the tail feathers sport a crisp yellow edge.

I am so excited to have these birds come by.  I have lots more photos to share in a future post.


Vickie said...

I have always liked that turkey stitch. We very sporadically spot turkeys around here.

Melody said...

What a great turkey!! I am going to have to stitch this guy up sometime!! I love your cedar waxwings, they are such pretty birds. Amazing to see so many of them at once.

carol fun said...

That is a terrific turkey! Great pictures of the waxwings -- such pretty markings.

Melissa said...

A bird decorated Christmas tree(s)!!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Isn't that so typical - Tom turkey does indeed look handsome.

cucki said...

Beautiful stitching..
I love birds so much..xx

Annette-California said...

Love your pretty turkey! All those Cedar Waxwings crack me up, all sitting in rows on the branches having their chats! Lovely markings on the birds. love Annette

Linda said...

The turkey turned out great. Did you use the called for colors.


Barb said...

I love the turkey finish! Great photos of the Cedar Waxwings!!! Lucky you!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Beth, what amazing photos of the cedar waxwings!! (I had to show my husband). I have never seen a young one before either. Great pictures of the hummingbirds and those handsome acorn woodpeckers!
Love your turkey!

Margaret said...

Wow, that is amazing with that flock of waxwings! Wow! So so cool! And they are beautiful birds too. Fantastic pics! Love your turkey finish -- that is one nice turkey!

Andrea said...

A wonderful finish. I always think this turkey is so proud and is puffing his chest out!
Great bird photos too, the cedar waxwings are pretty little fellows.

Carol said...

This is my favorite of any stitched turkeys, Beth--congratulations--there is a lot of stitching in that one! Love the photos of the hummers with the blue flowers--gorgeous!!

Melanie said...

Oooo, wax wings. Now those I definitely don't see around here. They are great looking.