Saturday, September 13, 2014

September Saturday

We are back into the low 90s once again. As it is a 'dry heat' it is not terribly uncomfortable.  Today's football game is 11:00am so I'll be sitting in the sun for much of the afternoon.

As will all the birds... 

Guess who is back.
The Starlings are back and are pestering the Acorn Woodpeckers at their granary tree.

Also back are the Band-tailed Pigeons.  I think the flock which was down to 2-4 birds has grown to over 20 once again.  The Band-tails will leave the area as winter approaches. I'm afraid I'll be stuck with the Starlings all winter long.   

On a happier note, I did see not one, but two White-chested Nuthatches. 

They clamber about the Douglas Fir trees non-stop and because of that, are hard to photograph.

And isn't this a sweet little bird.  I think it is a Song Sparrow. 

Here's a couple of more Sparrows of some sort.

And yes, the Sharp-shined Hawk makes a couple of forays past my bird feeders each day. 

A Rufous Hummingbird perched on our hammock.

It gave her instant access to a large Salvia I have planted in a pot nearby. 

So much for hummingbirds preferring red blooms. 

The birds go gaga over this deep blue.


Vickie said...

I truly enjoy watching nuthatches.
Wow! The 90's. It will be 57º here today. We have definitely begun fall weather here. It has been 40º at night for a few nights now.

cucki said...

Sweet *.*

Margaret said...

Can't believe how hot you are still! It's feeling like fall around here. I'm not ready for the coolness. Great bird pics as always!

Barb said...

I hope you enjoyed the game, I haven't heard the score. I love the little nuthatches, I have only seen the rosy -breast variety.

Pam in IL said...

Our hummers like the blue flowers too. Where do the Starlings go? I've been told we have them all year, but I really only see them during the winter.

Can you please send your hot temps to me? We've had to turn the furnace on and I don't ever remember doing that in September. We've had a couple of nights with temps around 37 and daytime temps in the mid 50's.