Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I've Seen As Of Late

What have I seen as of late (besides birds)?

I've not seen any grey squirrels, but this rather weird brownish/grey squirrel has been on the wood pile,muscling out the little chipmunks.   

Fewer bunnies than our peak in mid-August.  Often the backyard is rabbit-free much to the cats' disappointment. 

This snake happily basked on the radiated heat of the concrete.

Parvati Patel is perfectly camouflaged.

Nonetheless, she did not go unobserved! 

So she crouched and hissed...

...then had to beat a retreat...

...past a group of four deer.

One of whom was especially fascinated by her.

So Poor Parvati ducked in behind the tractor blade.

The Interested Parties watched, hoping she'd pop back out. 

And her twin, Padma Patel watched from the safety of the Front Porch.


Carol said...

All very cute--except the snake... They scare me almost as much as bats!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

How do the cats react to seeing a snake - I know how I would:-)
I love your Busy Bee finish below - it looks so neat framed.

Vickie said...

Love that first picture of Parvati. :)

Melody said...

Snakes...ewww! I really would have beat a retreat to the porch if I saw this.

Barb said...

Such fun pictures of the deer and your cat!!

Margaret said...

Poor Parvati! Love seeing all the animals!

Maggee said...

Don't the deer look like they are walking on high heels? Cute photo essay today. Hugs!