Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Critters

I've been pretty Bird Heavy lately. I don't what to be accused of igorning the other critters.
Our fawns are growing fast - the spots are fading too.

This "narrow fellow in the grass" has been hanging around my sister's watermelon patch.

The chipmunks are hard at work.

They'll go into hibernation and I won't seem much of them during the winter months.

For now though 3 or 4 greet me at the woodpile when I set out bird food in the morning.

Someone else has been eating the chipmunk's sunflower seeds.

This one has been eating everything!


Margaret said...

Love all your critters. Those chipmunks with the bulging cheeks -- so cute!

cucki said...

Sweet *.*

Barb said...

Wonderful photos of nature. I know we need snakes, but I must admit, they creep me out!

Andrea said...

Ahh, the chipmunks are back! Great photos.

Pam in IL said...

Your critters are busy! You see raccoons during the day? Around here we usually only see them around dawn/dusk and during the night when it's dark out.