Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Framed Finish and Waxwings

It's Friday and so time to show off another Framed Finish.

It's fitting given my Cat Stitching Theme this month that I share my Birds of a Feather "Curious as a Cat" framed finish.  The frame is very simple with hints of blue gray and pick up the border which surrounds the cat. And yep, the cat is an orange tiger.

So we approve!

The flock of Cedar Waxwings stuck around for several days.  I sort of got trigger happy with my camera and it took a while to sort out the photos. There were lots of them. So here are some of the best. Note the bird on the bottom right is eating some sort of fruit or berry which is what Cedar Waxwings are supposed to do. 

I love how the birds line up along the tree branches.

The top branch is all mature adults.  I get the feeling the birds are frowning in disapproval.  Do you think they are passing judgement on me?

I had to include this photo for the bird in flight.  Look as the pretty yellow dots which embellish the end of the tail feathers.

Another action shot.

Here's a handsome adult with his raffish crest feathers. 

Here's the same bird all puffed up.  The Waxwings spend lots of time grooming their feathers.

For comparison's sake, here is an immature bird with the trademark streaky breast.

And here is one that is still the next thing to a baby bird. Only the yellow tipped tail feathers help to identify it.  

Here's a side-by-side of a juvenile and adult Cedar Waxwing. 

At first I though this bird was just grooming or molting. 

But in looking closely at the photos, I think the bird was injured, perhaps by a hawk. It flew without difficulty thank goodness. 



Cedar Waxwings eat fruit and berries - no seeds - no insects.
They are supposed to like crab apples.

And guess what!  They do!

The two Acorn Woodpeckers appear to be bemused by the Waxwing perched above them. I think the young Acorn has questions. I hope his Dad has answers!


Melody said...

Great pictures! Also, your cat xstitch piece turned out pretty!

Vickie said...

Love the framed piece. :) And the Cedar Waxwings.

Cathy said...

That is a cute finish! You certainly do see a variety of pretty birds where you are!

Carol said...

Glad your kitty approves of his stitched look-alike! That is such a cute piece! And I love the cedar waxwing line-up, Beth--they do look a bit judgmental :)

Margaret said...

Love your framed finish. It's wonderful! Of course the cats approve. :D The waxwings are so glorious! Love how they just line up next to each other. And yes, they count as yellow birds -- they are beautiful!

Melissa said...

I love "curious as a cat"! I have that one too, framed.

It's great seeing the photos of the waxwings and comparing the adults and juveniles.

Christine said...

Oh I love that cat piece! Great bird photos too