Sunday, September 7, 2014

August Trail Camera Photos

Another month is over and that means it is time once again to take a look at what our Trail Camera has captured.

Warning: August was a Bob-Cat All You Can Eat Buffet. 
The last few photos show both predator and prey.

Here's some one new - a flicker! 

An opossum scurries on by.

In July we set out a 5 gallon galvanized bucket and filled it with water.
The raccoon appears to be appreciative!

As usual we had lots and lots of photos of deer.

The photos included several of the twin fawns.

The deer were thirsty too.

And in August the bob-cats were extremely active night...

...and day.

I continue to wonder just how many bob-cats patrol the property.

As I mentioned in many of the photos the bob-cat has a meal in his mouth.

We have an abundance of quail and bunnies and other bob-cat food this summer.

It seems like it was pretty easy pickings for the predator.

A reminder that everyone has too eat.

Here's a close up.

That's about as much Real Natural World as I have the stomach for!


Vickie said...

Awesome pictures. I agree with you on the last statement. ;)

Angie said...

Yup! Raw nature every day. When the stray mama cat first appeared and had a litter under our shed I watched her teach the little ones to hunt. It wasn't always easy and still is not. Even though they get substitute dry food they still hunt. It's what they do. I love your pictures. Ultimately not any more gruesome then seeing a little fawn on the road hit by a car :(

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh Beth, nature in the raw - not my favourite thing but I know it happens.

Margaret said...

The poor bunny! :( But yes, a necessary part of life. Great pics from the camera once again. Pretty amazing!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful animal.