Sunday, July 15, 2012

We Keep Watch

When the cats come outside in the early morning, there is much to see.
They look to the left...

They look to the right...

They look straight ahead - ever vigilant!

The first of our baby swallows have flown the coop (left their birdhouse). 
Others though, are lagging behind - and still getting daily handouts.

Did you know bunnies eat daisies?
I didn't until I watched this bunny snap off a daisy and munch it down post-haste. 

This is my favorite Salvia - I'm glad the hummingbirds like it too.

Surely this swallow baby is ready to fly.  It is perched so that it is almost entirely out of the birdhouse.  I'm sure the swallow parents are ready for this youngster to "move out".


Maggee said...

I didn't know there was other than red Salvia! Pretty! Cats are characters, aren't they? Hugs!

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Hi Beth: Oh, those are beautiful watch kitties! And the hummingbird at the salvia--beautiful. I used to grow one called 'Black and Blue," and it was lovely, but it just didn't survive in my garden. Wish it did, though--it was such a pretty one, very similar to yours.

Carol said...

Your three kitties are adorable, Beth--what fun you must have each day just watching them watch life go by :)

Barb said...

Beth, those are wonderful bird pictures. I especially love the hummingbird at the salvia.