Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gardening Inspiration

Hooray for the weekend!
Summer has arrived in western Oregon - 88F yesterday.
I know it's excruciatingly hot in most of the country.
Maybe you could cool off at a local plant nursery.

That's what my sister and I did.  We went to Gray's Garden Center.

Their parking lot is lined with a row of long horizontal baskets.  It is an amazing display of cascading petunias and other heating loving annuals.

Tired of plain old terracotta pots?
Gray's had some wonderfully quirky planting ideas.

Reuse an old tool box...

...or a fishing creel!

It's July and the nursery was an veritable explosion of color!



Are you inspired now?


MoonBeam said...

I'm inspired to look at your beautiful nursery photos...not much more!

We reached 99 yesterday, topping off a week or more of 90's. Yikes. I've got all the plants that I can keep watering for the rest of this summer. I'll just keep enjoying your beautiful photos, and keep watering my pots and hydrangeas, which are magnificent this year despite the temps.



Ann at Beadlework. said...

Send some of your heat our way please, we've had so much rain of late that everything in the garden is ruined.

Julianne said...


Your pictures are always beautiful! The colors are spectacular. Thanks for sharing them.

Lona said...

Everything looks so beautiful. I adore ideas like these. Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Love all those flowers. My favorite nursery had all the annuals for 30% off. I bought some for just a few spaces I needed a pop of color. It's warm here too!

Veronica said...

Explosion of colours is correct. Wow! Did I mention I love colours? ^.^


Melanie said...

Love love love the photos!!!!! :)


Love the colors of the flowers. Nature is so colorful. Thanks for the pictures.