Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Back up to Speed

I had a great weekend.  Went to the Farmers' Market, a plant nursery, and a symphonic pops concert in the park.  I also started working on "Happy Flag Flag Day" by The Trilogy this weekend.

I think everyone pretty much did as they pleased this weekend.

Later in the Fall the Goldfinches will eat the seeds of the Teasel.  Right now, they just offer a wonderful perch. 

I'm happy!

I'm furious!
(Yes the same hummingbird - photos taken just seconds apart).

Back to babies - this is a young Red-Shafted Flicker.  He found my suet feeder and was attempting to figure out how land on the cage. 

Day in, day out Atticus Quail keeps watch. 

Thursday evening a storm moved in...

The storm came from the east - so as that part of the sky got black, the western sun still shone on the trees.

We had thunder, lightening, and then a 30 minute downpour.  Oh, but the air smelled fresh and clean.

And the next day - Blue Skies!


Margaret said...

lol! Those two hummingbird pictures crack me up! Love the cat pic too!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I just love to see the flickers, they are such bonnie birds. I feel a bit sorry for the father quail, his work will never be done. Gorgeous blue sky in that photo, it's the kind that just makes me feel as though I'm standing looking up at it.

Barb said...

What a wonderful week-end!!