Saturday, July 21, 2012

Humming Along

The Hummingbirds love July!

They jealously stake out and guard their territory. 

That territory includes a variety of plants like Agastache.

They preen.

They frown!

They eat.

They watch.

They 'tell off' intruders!

They are amazing aerialists.

They are too cute for words.

They are beauty in flight!


Margaret said...

I loooove hummingbirds! I still remember watching one in my grandmother's garden. I wish we lived where hummingbirds live. So cute!

Grit said...

Wow, das sind ja fantastische Fotos. Super, super schön.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Carol said...

Such great photos, Beth--I'll have to send the link to this post to my mom. She is a hummingbird lover from way back :)

Kellie from Indiana said...

At my moms old home in KY she would have 9 hummingbirds that hung around her feeder all day long, all summer. In Northern Indiana, I'm lucky if I see two all season long though. I have a garden and two feeders, sigh. I think it may be because Im in a populated area and theres lots of gardens and feeders all around? I have no idea. I miss them an awful lot. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

Beth Pearce said...

Wonderful pictures on amazing creatures!! Our hummingbirds spend more time chasing each other away from the feeders than feeding. No wonder they are so little - LOL!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely images of such beautiful birds.

Melissa said...

Fantastic photos of these lovely birds. Thanks Beth!

Bianca said...

You were able to snap some great pics of the hummingbirds. They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I also love hummers. This year its seems like a baby woodpecker also is loving the hummingbird feeder i"ve never seen this happen in all the years of having a feeder i wondering if anyone else has seen such a thing.
great pictures Have a great weekend.

Ele said...

Hello Beth,

unfortunately it isn't possible for me to open your mailaddy on your blog profile, so I want to say you on this way how lovely your blog is!

Especially your embroideries are so beautiful.
Please, ca you tell me, where I can buy the patterns of The Goode Huswife "Minerva and Gracie". It is an old chart and not available here in Germany

thanks for information and helping me

Gabriele from Bavaria

Melanie said...

Love these little guys. :)
We haven't had hardly ANY hummingbirds around this summer. Very strange and I'm not sure why.


Hummingbirds are amazing. Good pictures. Good job. They are wonderful creatures.