Monday, July 16, 2012

Firecrackers and Gingerbread

Yep it is yet another Patriotic stitching start.  I pulled out Lizzie Kate's "Yankee Doodles" (I stitched one of the patterns back in 1999 and it's featured in my blog header).  I decided to stitch "Pop" this time.  The colors are wonderful - very fun.

On Saturday my Mom, sister, and I travelled south to Cottage Grove, Oregon for a Garden Tour of 12 gardens.  More about that tomorrow.  Today I wanted to share some pictures of the wonderful old homes there.

This house appeared to be in the final stages of restoration.  The side-yard was full of old brick, window, and doors.  The "new old" house is true to its original character.  I love the 2nd story balcony. If you click and enlarge the photo you can admire all the trim details on the triangle above the balcony.

This house didn't photograph well - too much direct sunlight.
Again if you click on the photo you can see the 'gingerbread' details on the 2nd story and the triangular peak.

This wonderful house was in the country outside of Cottage Grove.
It had at least two of the heptagonal windows.

This close-up shows some of the trim pattern on the cupola.
I desperately wanted my bedroom in a cupola when I was a child.
A great day with wonderful houses. 


Vickie said...


Barb said...

I LOVE older houses. Thanks for the great pictures!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The last one looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. Very nice houses.

Anonymous said...

There something about gingerbread on a house that just finishes it off. I love the first house you pictured. I bet the inside is as good as the outside. Love it.

Margaret said...

Oh I love old houses. That first one is spectacular!