Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

Anna female

And again

Anna's male

Wish I could get a good photo of him in the sunlight, but we have not had much sun as of late.

Female Rufous

Male Rufous

And again


Robin in Virginia said...

Beth, your hummer pictures always bring such delight. Thanks for sharing!

LaNelle said...

Beautiful Sunday Hummingbirds 😍

Rhodesia said...

Wish we had hummingbirds here, I do love them. Cheers Diane

blueladie said...

Hummers are fascinating. When they grace our yard we stop what we're doing and watch them closely. :) Cathryn

Carol said...

Wow! Can't get over that bright pink head on the one--only in nature :)

Maggee said...

Wow! I love to see the hummers that visit your feeders! My feeder is up, but no hummers... It is a bit early in the season to be worrying... They have to find my yard! Plus the weather is crazy... 80 one day, 30's the next!! Thanks for sharing, as always! Hugs!