Sunday, April 8, 2018

March's Trail Camera Photos - Camera #2

And here are the photos from the camera at the edge of the backyard.
I thought I'd present them a bit differently this month; in chronological order. 


Opposum rear-end!




Good skunk photo.


Wish the camera had clicked a second sooner.

California Quail.




Skunk - lots of skunk activity this month.

California Quail


Five deer.

Bob-cat at 6:45am!

Deer action shot - some of the does are very aggressive and run off the others.


Mary said...

Such a variety of wildlife passes by your trail camera. I think it's thrilling to see the bobcats.

Maggee said...

Another fine view of the critters that you don't see but are definitely there! Who would think skunks? And the Bobcat has become a regular... so it seems... could be several. We were out birding the other day in the State Park and my buddy jumped because a little snake came out on the path by her... it was harmless, but startling! No screaming... but if it was me, no guarantees! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed your animal shots, Beth! You sure did have a lot of skunk activity. I can't remember if that is the norm though.

Barb said...

You got some wonderful pictures. I especially liked the bob-cat and the skunk photos!!