Friday, April 20, 2018

House Hunting - The Extreme Edition

I found the missing DMC color, so I'm back-tracking and working on January's European bird, a Coal Tit.

Now here's what's going on in western Oregon.

On Wednesday morning, the Violet-green Swallows were out in force.

I counted as many as 14 birds and each couple was intent on establishing ownership... 

...with multiple couples fighting over the same property.

Bidding wars? 
This house has been used by Tree Swallows two of the past three years. I think I heard Tree Swallows, but that the Violet-green Swallows ran them off. Grrr!   

I have nine swallow houses, so right now everyone should be able to find a home. 

Some of the birds appeared worried nonetheless.

Others did their best to stake out their claim...

...or just claim ownership. 

Violet-green Swallows are such fun to watch. They are wonderful fliers and they chatter non-stop this time of year.

It'll be a week or two before all this settles down and nest building commences.

Eight of the nine houses have prospective tenants.
 They like to line their nests with feathers and dried grasses. With the rain over for a while nest-building and insect hunting will be much easier for the swallows. 


Robin in Virginia said...

I bet their antics are fun to watch. I hope the house wars end and nest building commences. Enjoy your Friday, Beth!

MaryO said...

Wonderful! Love these pics!


Glad you found the 'missing' thread color--
and how fun to watch the birds stake their new homes!!!
wonder how many new families will be created in those new homes in the off spring!!!???
enjoy, di

Margaret said...

Must be so much fun to watch the bird houses and nesting!

Barb said...

Those swallows are such pretty birds. They must be fun to watch!

moreofhim said...

I just love seeing all the birds! So many that we don't see here. So glad you found what you needed to continue your project. Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings - Julie

Joyce said...

Swallows are so much fun to watch and wonderful birds to have around.

Maggee said...

I know how it is to have one missing color... Sometimes I look for a similar color if it is DMC and if it is fancy floss, I find a conversion chart online. I have been busy kitting up for Maynia... :) Saw a bunch of Tree and Barn Swallows on my outing yesterday... it was a great trip! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!