Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's Still Cold and Chilly

This Needle and Friend design has been in idle since early February. I'm thinking of devoting Sundays to stitching WIPs. If so, this should be the first one I tackle.

It is still cold and chilly even though it is mid-April.  While we've not had snow, the lows have been in the mid-30's and highs in the mid-50's.  I don't think that we are going to break 70F this month.

I saw my first American Goldfinch of the spring on Tuesday April 17th.

I am seeing more Robins too. Some appear intent...

...while others seem to be looking down their beak at me!

I continue to have lots of Golden-crowned Sparrows, and as you can see, they've begun to sing. 

They are now being joined by White-crowned Sparrows.  I'm pleased to have them back.

The Mourning Doves have paired up.

They are less bashful and skittish right now.

The California Quail continue to great me each day. 

I still have Chestnut-back Chickadees at the feeders...

The Black-capped Chickadees remain regulars at the feeders.

Sunflower chips and peanuts are their favorites.

But more excitement on the Chickadee-front.

See this pair?

They've claimed this Chickadee house as theirs.
The house has an extended roof and a teardrop shaped entrance hole.  Both features are supposed to help to deter intruders like Starlings.  

The house even has a Marjolein Bastin chickadee design on the front.  I've been watching them on and off (from a respectful distance) for the past four days. I believe that they will take up residence and build a nest here.  As for the Bluebirds - I did see the male Bluebird on Wednesday afternoon, so they are still in the area.


Vickie said...

Oh my! The chickadees with the chickadee house is just wonderful!
And you mention Starlings. Well, guess who else we have? Yes, Starlings. At the apartment here, I have learned to appreciate the once unappreciated.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the thread color in your 'cold' stitch, Beth! What a beautiful chickadee house with the Marjolein Bastin design. I like the picture of the bunny and quail co-existing.

Rhodesia said...

Lovely selection ob bird shots. Take care Diane

moreofhim said...

What wonderful birds! I love to feed and watch birds, too. You have birds there that we don't have. Chickadees are a particular favorite of mine, but we don't have them here. How exciting that you will have a pair making a home in your bird house. That's just the cutest house, too! Enjoyed seeing all your pictures. :)

Blessings - Julie

Barb said...

What fun to watch baby chickadees. I do hope they settle on that pretty house. We finally had a sunny day! Still quite cool.

co coya said...

I hope they use your box. Is it any wonder they call them "the bluebird of happiness". Such a cheery little song and their colors are magnificent. '

Maggee said...

Yay for you! I have never seen a Chickadee House... will be looking at that online! It is definitely Spring in your area, with all that wildlife around! Hugs!