Monday, April 9, 2018

Finishing Up Left-Overs

This Lizzie Kate St. Patrick's stitch got sidelined for a couple of weeks or so.  I picked it up again on Saturday and made some good progress,

Here's a bit of spring color for everyone suffering from April snow fatigue. I need to get these moved to the front porch so that I can enjoy them (and the deer not eat them).

And here's another bit of spring - An American Robin.

I had a couple of California Scrub Jays in the backyard.

I think I have six Lesser Goldfinches.  The American Goldfinches should show up in the next week or so.

My California Quail population has dropped from the late fall total of 42 birds, to a current group of around 18 birds.  I think most of the birds have moved on to stake out new territory, but some were probably victims of predation. 

Day in day out the Steller's Jays provide lots of entertainment.  They are handsome birds and they have a huge vocabulary.  Many time when I think I have a new bird in the back yard, it turns out to be a Jay exercising his vocal chords and mimicking another bird. 

Here he is squawking away!


Robin in Virginia said...

The March piece is looking good. Your pot of daffodils looks great; a definite pop of color for me as we have very fine flakes falling here.

LaNelle said...

Thanks for a great touch of Spring 🌼

Maggee said...

Many of my Daffodils and Paper-whites got beat down this weekend by rain... sigh... Maybe they will come back! My Clematis vine that I have been trying to grow got destroyed by high winds and heavy rain last week...but I see today that one little 'branch' has survived and the others are re-sprouting, so there is HOPE! I am in a finishing-of-WIPs mood have a good rotation going. Your Leprechaun is gonna be cute! Hugs!

Rhodesia said...

Lovely post and that Jay is a pretty bird. Have a good week and take care Diane

Barb said...

Spring is slowly coming to our part of the world. I worked in my garden all day and found lots of deer prints. Last year was the first year they found my garden. We are not sure what we are going to do.