Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday's Critters

Look!  Look! Who's sneaking up on the patio?

Chester Chipmunk that's who.

Yes, he is eating out of a cat bowl.

Dainty little hands.

Oh and here's David the Douglas Squirrel.

He's a meany and runs off the chipmunks to hog the sunflower seeds.

Robin liked me bunny / quail photos, so here are some more for her, and you, to enjoy.  

Kind of a Peaceable Kingdom scene.

This bunny was eating blackberry leaves for breakfast.

A rather prickly affair I would think. 

But apparently, it's quite tasty.

I like this - Bunny Amongst the Daisies.

And deer - yes, we have deer - six of 'em in this photo.  

Brazen gals.

Early Sunday night a bear came by.  My sister heard it, though I did not.  It dug this large hole, treated my bird feeder saucers like Frisbees, and torn up an old (from last summer) quarter plastic container of fish emulsion fertilizer.  Good thing I'm taking in the feeders each evening.


Vickie said...

Oh I liked this post so very much. You should see the smile on my face. Well, until I saw the mess the bear made.

deb said...

Absolutely delightful pictures of the Chester, David and the bunny(/ies?)! I finally saw my first bunny of the season yesterday morning as he ambled across the back patio. Had fun finding the sixth deer in your group shot. :)

But ... a bear? In your yard? Eeek! Certainly a good thing that you take your feeders in or he'd probably have trashed them completely.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the chipmunk's expression in the first photo, Beth! Thank you for more bunny/quail photos. No sightings of bunnies here in our yard or bear. They have seen a bear or two up the road at the neighbors. Enjoy your Saturday!

Rhodesia said...

Lovely post and such interesting creatures around your home. The best we get are lizards! Take care Diane

Maggee said...

Well, like Vickie said... it was a happy post, filled with cute critters... till we read about the nasty ole bear, wrecking things! Kinda scary! It IS a good thing you take in the feeders every evening! Hugs!