Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Walking - Looking Back on Sunday

Sunday morning dawned cold and frosty. By far the coldest night / morning of the fall. 

The frost outlined all the leaves... 

...including the Hazelbrush.

Even the teasel looked pretty. 

All the vines on this leaf are clearly delineated. 

Hazel catkins.

Big Leaf Maple.

Hawthorne berries.

Sparkling leaves.


All the perches were rimed with frost. 

My last gardening task of the year was to plant these 75 spring bulbs.

I'll move these pots to the front porch come March and we can enjoy lots of early spring color up close.


Robin in Virginia said...

Beth, glad you finished planting your spring bulbs. What fabulous frost pictures you captured with your camera!

MaryO said...

Awesome pics Beth! Your flowers will be beautiful!⚘🌷

Angie said...

Beth, where do you keep your bulb pots during Winter? Is that mulch on top?

Barb said...

The frost looks so beautiful especially on the Fall leaves. I planted bulbs in a 3 containers for the first time. I am looking forward to seeing them in spring.

Maggee said...

Looks like we had a hard frost overnight! I have a package of bulbs that I have meant to plant... either I put them in a pot or wait till spring now...