Monday, November 20, 2017

Frost on the Pumpkins and the Birds

Design - "Hey There Pumpkin"
Designer - Hands on Design
FAbric - 30 count Jack's Rum linen (Hand dyed fabrics by Stephanie)
Fibers - GAST & WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 11 November 2017
Completed - 15 November 2017

I am really happy with this - I have fallen in love with Jack's Rum linen and ordered more - I hope it arrives soon so I can stitch a couple more designs.

Sunday morning arrived cold and clear with a very hard frost.

The bird feeders were extra busy and the birds extra pretty.

Isn't this Black-capped Chickadee lovely?

And so is the Junco.

The California Quail had to dash through crunchy cold grass.  



Maggee said...

I like your rendition of Hey There Pumpkin too! Such a cute design for sure! Brrrr...I never like cold weather...I empathize with the critters! Great shots of the many birds in the frost covered branches. And the poor quail that have to slog through the very cold frosty ground... Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

The quail pictures made me chuckle as they stepped along on the crunchy lawn. Way to go on your Pumpkin finish! I really like the colors in this one. Enjoy your day, Beth!

Vickie said...

Hey There Pumpkin is soooooo wonderful Beth! :D

RJ said...

Love your pumpkin finish Beth! And those bird photos are wonderful..the colors are wonderful. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

deb said...

Your finish looks wonderful - love the look of that fabric, of course I never know if my monitor is showing what you see in real life but the color appears scrumptious!

Beautiful bird pictures, even more so than normal, IMO - the chickadees and junco against the frost-edged red leaves would be lovely in a frame!

Margaret said...

Frost always makes everything look so pretty! Love your finish!

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful birds! I love the colors of the birds against the frosty background, especially the red leaves.

Mary said...

What a lovely capture of the chickadee against the frost covered leaves, just beautiful!!
Love the pumpkin stitch and I have to order that linen, it's the perfect fall color.

Barb said...

The photo of the chickadees and the frost is wonderful. I love your pumpkin stitch!!

A Colorful World said...

The rum background fabric is beautiful...and I love the turquoise floss against it! Nice piece! Great bird photos as well.

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Beautiful bird pics. Love the chickadee, quail and junco. Beautiful crossstitching for the pumpkins and the header. If you remove your header then put your header in again, and click shrink to fit, it will fit perfectly on your page. Then the reader won't have to scroll over to see your post.

Carol said...

Oh, I love that fabric color, too--thanks for telling us about it. Will definitely be ordering some. Your finish looks wonderful on it, Beth!