Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday's Critters

Today was taken watching University of Oregon basketball games.
In the morning the Oregon women beat Maryland to advance to the Elite 8.
This evening the Oregon men beat Kansas to advance to the Final 4.
What a day!

So now on to this week's critter report.

I've seen as many as three chipmunks on the woodpile.

More problematically, one persists in hanging out on the back patio. 

With two cats claiming the patio, this is not a good thing.

I've discussed this with Chip...

...but all I get is a sassy swish of his tail. 

Here's someone else who should stay off the patio.

The gray squirrels are coming up to check out my bird feeders.

And now there's a brown squirrel too.

Doing his prairie dog imitation. 

Off the patio guys!

Bunnies now, are more cautious - they practically have eyes in the back of their heads! 


The deer are looking rather mangy this time of year.

I'm seeing five or six at a time.

I thought this doe looking particularly fit and strong.

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