Sunday, March 5, 2017

February's Photos - Trail Camera #2

In December and January we had problems with this camera functioning properly.  We checked on it a couple of times in February, and I am happy to report that it is working just fine. 

As usual, we have lots of photos of deer.

Some pretty good candid shots...

...including extreme close ups.

A nice profile shot.

We also had a unexpected visitor.

I thought one morning that I smelled a skunk!

Pepe came by a couple of nights in a row.

He probably eats sunflower seeds like everyone else!

I wonder if this is the same animal all three nights.

Not as surprising to see a raccoon.

They were Tom-Cat's most hated foe. 

I fiddled with the location of the camera at the end of the month, and am pleased as it now is capturing the quail. 

As you can see, we get quite the crowd.

Here they are on the move.

And we're all set up for March - stay tuned!


Vickie said...

Such nice photos. ugh to the skunk!

deb said...

Delightful pictures of the deer. We have skunk visitors - boy, do they tear up the grass looking for grubs - but they're the primary reason I don't have year-round feeders - those guys will quite happily snarf up whatever seeds drop as my neighbor found out (skunks, plural, on the porch).

MaryO said...

Awesome!😋 We get a lot of skunks here in San Pedro.

Astrids dragon said...

Despite the stink, I love the skunk pictures!