Sunday, March 19, 2017

Now There Are Six

I now have at least six hummingbirds.

Two male Anna's Hummingbirds. Though I've not managed a photo of them together as they are usually chasing each other.

The female Anna's are more mellow.

They chase off the males...  

But look!  They will 'share' close feeders together.
So there are two of them as well!

The little male Rufous Hummingbird is The King of Everyone and Everything! 

He does not tolerate anyone else.

Small, but mighty!

He thinks the backyard is his domain.

He perches and watches...

And finally, there is one female Rufous.  She looks very much like a female Anna's, but she has brown belly feathers.


LaNelle said...

So beautiful thanks for making my Sunday morning so much brighter❤️....I've enjoyed watching my Bald Eagle, & a pair of Trumpter Swans this am so gorgeous and blessed with all this beauty...have a wonderful Sunday!

Margaret said...

Hooray! So great that you have so many hummers around!

Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful pictures of your hummers, Beth! We have about another month to go before seeing our first hummers. Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

Such amazing colors in those hummers, Beth! I doubt we'll see any for a few months as we still have patches of snow left on the ground after a storm blew through on Friday night and caught us all by surprise!

Frances N said...

Their colors are so beautiful!
My house is a French-style home with pairs of doors across the front. There is molding across the top of each pair of doors. I have some type of little bird building nests above my doors! I have taken the old nests down each year after they've left, and they always come back....I will try to see what birds they are. Each time I go out the front door, a bird flies out of the nest and sits in a tree and stares at me!!!