Thursday, March 30, 2017

Catching Up

I placed a small order a while ago and most of the charts arrived this week.
I am still waiting for the 4th in the series of Heartstring Samplings Bird Collection to show up. April may be a mix of Easter and bird stitching.  We shall see.

And now to answer a couple of questions and say thank you.  I do try to respond to everyone who is kind enough to comment and answer question via email.  But so many people are set up 'No-Reply", so I cannot.  Sue Hilf asked me about a chart on my blog header and I could not email her. The post with all the designers' names and chart names for March is here and should answer your question.  Also several new followers like M in Vancouver have commented to say that they enjoy the blog.  If I have not responded, it is because you are set up as No-Reply. Please know that I so appreciate your comments and hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

Now on to the birds.  

I noticed the other morning that there was no bird activity at the feeders, and then I found this small Sharp-shinned Hawk in a young fir tree at the edge of the yard.  As I walked over to 'encourage' the bird to move on it took off and headed straight to the house to 'get' a hummingbird at one of the two feeders I have at the kitchen windows!

This feeder!  Fortunately the hummer took off in time.

Once the hawk left the birds slowly returned including a few Bushtits.


I also enjoy watching the chickadees.

They will snag a piece of peanut and then take it to a branch where they work at getting it the correct size to consume.

I'm hoping that a couple of pairs will nest in the houses we provide.


LaNelle said...

Yes, the Hawks can be a real problem..but at the same time I find them to be a wonder of the bird world.....I like the new designs you have added to your stash very cute....

sandi s said...

I have to apologize because I don't comment but I love your blog!!! I always seeing what you have stitched or might be working on. I also love seeing all the different birds. I'm a stitcher too and a bird watcher and love to keep the feeders full but don't know much about some of them. Have a great day. Hugs,

Barb said...

I know they have to eat too, but I'm so glad that little hummer got away!!