Friday, June 24, 2016

Great Bird, Greater Bird, Greatest Bird

I am working right along on "Bee Happy".  I think I will be able to share a finish with you next week.

When I'm not stitching, I am outside gardening or reading and watching birds.
This past week I've had a couple of New Birds. 

First up, a female Yellow Warbler.

She is a bit larger than the American Goldfinches.

The male is much more brightly colored.

I think she is rather sweet.

Then last Friday, this bird's singing caught my attention and I found it!

It flew in closer to my Big Birdfeeder.

It took some doing, but I figured out that it is a first year male Bullock's Oriole.

A new-to-me bird and a new yard bird!
While they eat insects and fruit and nectar, this one was checking out my feeders.


The black throat and black line through the eye helped to ID the bird.

And oh, how it sang! You can listen to it's Typical Voice here.

The bird is supposed to like cottonwoods along side streams which we certainly have.

It was rather thrilling to see this bird.

And here was my final surprise.  
Yesterday a mature male Bullock's Oriole flew in for just long enough for me to snap off one good photo.  You can see that he has a black back and black atop his head as well as the black throat and eye line.  He is far more orange-yellow than the younger male bird.  Pretty exciting.  I am now wondering if there might be a nest down near the creek.


Robin Shepard said...

How exciting! Lovely photos, Reminds me of when I found large-ish yellowish birds with streaked purple fronts at Sauvey's Island near Portland. It took forever to figure out they were young and female orioles that had been eating very ripe blackberries! Finally seeing a male Bullock's and watching them actually eat the berries solved the mystery. Love your blog.
Robin in Portland Oregon

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Very beautiful stitch and photos

Barb said...

Your new birds are beautiful!! How exciting!!

Wanda said...

How exciting was that! Great photos.

Ruth said...

Congrats on the stithcing--- and birding. Sheesh, you must have a birdhouse on the birds' equivalent of "Top 10 Places to Be" :)

LDR said...

The Bullock's Oriole is beautiful. I hope you will see him return now that he has scoped out the feeders!

Maggee said...

WooHoo!! Congrats on getting snaps of the Bullock's Orioles!! Wow!! I have had Baltimore Orioles on my feeders... that was unusual. Spectacular pictures of all the new birds! I haven't been out lately, so am again, living vicariously through your sightings! Thanks for sharing!