Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A New WIP Project

As I finished stitching my shamrock WIP piece, I decided to pull out another WIP and start working on it on Wednesday.  This is a Noah's Ark by Blue Whale Designs that I stitched away on last year.  There really is not all the much left to do - mostly back stitching.  I am energized and ready to work on it and get it into the finished pile.

One of my on-going questions has been are the swallows finished raising their families for this year. 

The Tree Swallows have returned to the house they occupied in April and... 

...are hanging around as though they might raise a second brood.

Watching the Violet-green Swallows, I have to come to the same conclusion.

They've been gathering up the dried grasses they use as nest material.

They've been checking out houses once again.

From up high...

...and from inside. 

I believe this house is occupied once again and this couple is nesting.

Much to my delight, I hear or see Cedar Waxwings most days. 

Usually just a couple of birds

Bandit Bird.

They talk almost continually - a high pitched 'scree'. The one of the left is 'talking'.

Every once in a while they check things out on ground level. 

Front and back.

We have a lighted tree in the backyard, and that works as a bird perch.

Happy Holidays from the Cedar Waxwings!


Carol said...

I remember that cute WIP, Beth--glad to see it back in the spotlight. It's been a long time since I had a piece that required backstitching, but it sure does add a lot to a finish...

Those Cedar Waxwings are such sleek and elegant looking birds!

Vickie said...

Both of today's birds are so gorgeous.

krayolakris said...

Now I know who's been in my back yard..the Waxwings! I'd forgotten their call. Aren't they handsome?

Barb said...

Your design is a great WIP and will be lovely finished. The cedar waxwings are such interesting birds!

Wanda said...

Beth, thanks for sharing these. I just love Cedar Waxwings and I think bandit bird is the perfect description.
Great photos of the swallows. I have been enjoying watching them at my mom's as they have nests in a couple of her houses.
Also, I was so excited to see four bunnies on our yard and our neighbour's yard as I drove in tonight!

Maggee said...

I sure hope you get to have a second chance to see more swallow babies! What fun! Hopefully the backstitch will not take too long on that WIP, and we will see a cute finish. Hugs!

Adam Jones said...

The Waxwings are such impressive birds.

Justine said...

Love your sweet WIP and I hope you can finish it this time round!