Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bees and Birds

I am plugging away on my Lizzie Kate stitch. I need to stitch a couple of bees.  Kris will be pleased to learn that these bees do have wings! I think that I'll get it done before the month ends, but probably will not show it off until next month.

I haven't posted many photos of my California Quail lately.
As best I can tell, there are two still-childless couples, one bachelor... 

...and this group of 14 chicks with Mama and Papa Quail.

The babies are pretty darned cute at this stage in their lives.

When they get separated from their parents, they peep, sounding just like baby chicks.

Here poor Papa Quail endeavours to take a dust bath...

...while most of the group looks on.

There's no down-time for the quail parents. 

I wonder how far these little ones walk in a day.

They have already learned to eat on their own, they can fly for short distances, and now know how to take a dust bath.

Good work Papa Quail!
They have to be on the look out for raptors, and bob-cats, and raccoons. And yesterday my Mom thought she saw a weasel stalking the quail babies. The parents got extremely agitated as you might imagine.  

As tiny as they are, they already have a rather complex feather pattern going on.

Note to self" Don't leave the garage doors open or the quail will explore!

Time to move on!

Come on little ones!

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Margaret said...

It's interesting how the quail have such large families. I remember last year you had huge quail families too. They are so cute! Love the pics -- so fun to see!

Vickie said...

Oh so precious! I try to imagine having 14 babies to care for at once. ACK!

Weronika said...

Your photos are great. Your June stitcching is going pretty nice.

Anna van Schurman said...

Fourteen chicks! Do you think the other five are there because "it takes a village?"

Maggee said...

What a bunch of cutie pies!! They do dust baths like the bunnies, eh? Cool!

Barb said...

I love seeing those wonderful quail families!