Friday, May 8, 2015

Owls and Finches and Others

I've finished "Silly as a Goose" and I'll post that on Monday. Today I wanted to show my newest start, another chart in the series, "Wise as an Owl."

With the return of the Evening Grosbeaks, I awake to a noisy chattering Dawn Chorus.
There are something like 26 Evening Grosbeaks in this photo at the feeders and feeding on the ground.

And that does not count the birds waiting in the trees.
Here are a further nine birds. I've counted as many as 32 birds. It sounds like a tropical rain-forest! 

As you might expect, I am having to buy bird food more frequently!

Here an American Goldfinch male hangs out with an Evening Grosbeak male.

Evening Grosbeak female.

But let us not forget the Black-head Grosbeaks.  I have three guys...

...and a couple of gals. 

She has the typical finch strong beak for cracking shells.

The House Finches have big strong beaks too.

They are very brightly colored now - Courting Colors!

Mingling at the water-cooler!  A female Goldfinch and a male House Finch.

I think these two guys are having words!
Male Goldfinch and male Lesser Goldfinch. 

Two male Lesser Goldfinches.

For a couple of days I had a very large group of Scrub Jays.
This photo shows six of the nine birds.

And just last evening Tom-Cat and I counted fifteen California Quail.

Everyone has paired up and should start nesting soon.

A handsome pair.

The Starlings are the Early Birds, and their babies have already fledged. 

So homely as to be cute!

As much as I dislike Starlings, I rescued a baby that was walking around on the Back Patio and appeared to have trouble flying.  I figured that was a dangerous place for a young bird, set the baby down in the protection of the hedgerow.  I also discovered that the Starlings are raising a family in my Bluebird house.  Darned birds!  That explains why I have not seen any Bluebirds this spring.


Justine said...

What a beautiful selection of birds as always Beth! I love your new start.

Vickie said...

I love the house finch colors. We have only one thistle feeder we put out. We have finches of all types come every year.
I do think the young starling is adorable.

Sue said...

They don't call them "grocery" beaks for nothing!

Sue said...
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Annette-California said...

Lovely new start Beth! Always fun to start something new. Gorgeous photos of all the birds. I especially enjoy seeing the California Quail..even though I live in CA I don't get to see any. love Annette

Margaret said...

Love the new stitching project. So why is the bluebird house specifically for bluebirds? Or is it that that's the house they used last year? Sorry you don't have any this year cause of the starlings.

Pam in IL said...

I've heard that other birds like to take over the bluebird houses. I would love to see a Grosbeak. They are around here, but I've never actually seen one.

Maggee said...

You sure do have a mess of birds visiting!! Wow! I am down to quite a few House Finches, a very occasional American Goldfinch or two and the daily Downy woodpecker (could be more than one... but only one at a time on the suet). I did see two Brown Thrashers this morning on our fence tho! And the Mockingbirds are around... I have a story to share about my feeders... will try for this weekend... Catching up again...