Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gray Goose Green Garden

Design - "Silly as a Goose"
Designer - Birds of a Feather
Fabric - 32 count R & R Golden Walnut linen
Fibers - GAST - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 18 April 2015
Completed - 7 May 2015

I quite like my gray goose, and it is a good thing too as it saved me much time frogging.  As promised, here's the rest of my Goose Story.  When I began to stitch this, I found I had all the colors but one, so dashed up the stairs to get the missing skein needed for the body of the goose. Earlier I'd mentioned that the goose was not quite the color I'd thought it would be. It was only after I'd stitched the head and wings, and started on the torso of the goose that a light bulb came on and I took another look at the instructions.  That's when I discovered I was stitching with GAST "Soot" instead of "Slate" making for a big difference in the color of the goose! I thought about it for a couple of minutes, and Googled 'Gray Goose' - yep, there are gray geese.  I decided I liked my color combination and would stay the course. So here's my one of a kind Gray Goose!    

Now on to my Green Garden.  We had wonderful weather the week before Mother's Day, so I have lots to share with the Tuesday Garden Party and the Maple Hill Blog Hop 

I started off the week by continuing to plant some of the items I'd already purchased, like this flat of Fuchsias.

I ended up with a couple of garden carts of plants.  
Besides planting, I also made lists of what I had (alive) and what had died over the winter and needed replaced.

So theoretically, I was pretty organized when my sister and I hit the Hardy Plant Fair on Saturday at 9:00am.  I have an uncle who is an avid gardener and propagator.  This is his booth staffed with the help of two of his granddaughters!  

There were a couple dozen different vendors, so there was something for everyone. 

I enjoy browsing and seeing what is new.

While there were lots of sedums, as I still have a falt to plant out, I restrained myself.  

I did got a little crazy purchasing Hostas!

Yep, another couple of garden carts!

They are perfect plants for my shaded north-facing Front Porch.
And the porch is screen to keep the deer at bay.

I just love all the different colors and leaf shapes.

I am especially taken with the lime green colored leaves!
I still have a couple (or 3 or 4) flats to plant, so I'll have more to share next week - stay tuned!


Justine said...

What a lovely post Beth. I love hostas too. You have so many gorgeous ones! Your Gray Goose looks just right to me.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love the colour of your goose, it's just perfect.

Vickie said...

I think the goose looks really good.
I do believe you have inspired me to pot up a hosta or two.

Margaret said...

So what color is slate?? I like the color you ended up using. She looks good to me! I have the feeling a nursery is impossible to escape without buying lots of plants, just like yarn stores are impossible to escape without buying lots of wool. :D

Barb said...

I think the gray goose is just adorable!!You must have a whole family of plant lovers. All your starts look good. We are discovering that we have more shade this year. Things have grown and are now producing shade. That's causing me to take a good look at some shade plants. I have never had to do that before.

Wanda said...

I love your gray goose! It's just perfect! This is a great series and it has been fun to see them stitched. Nurseries are such fun - I will be heading there hopefully on Friday before the long weekend rush.

LDR said...

Your gray goose looks lovely on the walnut colored fabric. I'm enjoying your current banner of birds -- lots of inspiration!

Annette-California said...

Your goose looks great!!! I like her colors:) All your the pretty green leaved plants look wonderful.
love Annette

daisy g said...

I think your goose is perfect!

So glad you had nice plant-shopping weather. I love the look of hostas, so I can't blame you one bit for going overboard.
Thank you for visiting us at The Maple Hill Hop this week! Can't wait to see what you have going on in the garden next time!

Grantham Lynn said...

Great post. I want to go shopping with you. Can't wait to see them grown! I love your stitchery too.

Melody said...

I love your goose finish! I think you made a great choice on the colors. What lovely plants!

I'm curious do you plants your hostas and other plants in pots for your porch because of the deer eating them?

Melissa said...

Grey Goose is beautiful! I love it!

Maggee said...

Love the grey goose! Looks just fine to me! My daughter's new house has an abundance of hostas, so in the fall we will be 'thinning' them, to MY house!! I have one in a pot...