Sunday, May 17, 2015

All About an Anna

I was going to wow you with my selection of hummingbird photos, and then I discovered that they are all of male Anna's Hummingbirds.

I know I have at least two males as I've seen them chase one another.

The weather has been gray and we've even had some rainy days, but the feeder activity has been light.

Speaking of light, it sure changes how the males look. 

See what I mean?

He's looking rather coy I think.

I have a couple of early Salvias in bloom.

The hummers are pleased!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I do love these magical little birds. I bought a bird book in Edinburgh yesterday and it features the hummingbird as one of the Remarkable Birds in the title.

Angie said...

Your photos are great, Beth! I'm not sure what is going on with the hummers in my neighborhood this year. I have lots of flowers, I faithfully hung freshly filled feeders and I've only seen one, and not very regular. I've had at least three males last year and a couple of females.

Debbie said...

Beautiful photos Beth. So glad that someone is having hummers. It's been very quiet here. One pops by but forget trying to get a photo. Keep up the good work on your stitching!!

Pam in IL said...

Oh Beth, you captured some great shots of the hummers! I sat for hours trying to get a shot of the hummers visiting my feeder last summer.

Barb said...

As usual , I love the hummingbird photos. I agree that it is amazing how much the males color changes in the different light.

Carol said...

Such great photos, Beth. We purchased a new hummingbird feeder on Saturday and I thought to myself: "Which one would Beth choose?" Ha ha :) So far, no hummers, but it may be just a bit too early here in PA.

Frances N said...

Those hummers are so sweet!