Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Quiet Sunday

We've all been enjoying the warmer weather. 

But being cats...yawn...a nap is always in the works.

The deer having nothing against a morning nap.

Mama does keep an eye on things.

Yep, we're looking at you!

The fawn chews his cud.

Then he settles down for a nap.

I don't think Hummingbirds nap.

My Rufous male seem always to be on patrol.

The male Anna's sneaks a drink in Rufous Territory!

And here's a female Rufous. As more and more of my plants come into bloom, I'll have more Hummingbird activity close to the house.


Marlene jones said...

Can we have some of your warm weather, tomorrow is June and it's still only warm here. Lovely photo's as usual.

Margaret said...

Looks nice and lazy around your house -- except for the hummers, of course. :D

Angela Tucker said...

Great pictures of the Rufous. Mine is especially camera shy. I get within 25 feet and he is gone! LOL

Vickie said...

Your deer are sooooooooo trusting!
The heat is on in our home presently! I woke up to 44º.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love the photo of the hummingbird and the pink flower - so pretty.

Happiness is Stitching said...

beautiful photos, love the hummingbird

Barb said...

Just wonderful pictures. We have cooled off a bit yesterday and today. That's fine by me. I prefer the 70's to the 80's!

daisy g said...

Aren't those hummers just amazing?! Looks like good napping weather to me!

cucki said...

Pretty pictures x

Teah said...

I love your monthly headers. This one is exceptional! Thank you for your ongoing inspiration😀