Sunday, May 10, 2015

April Trail Camera Photos

Once again the camera captured more deer than anything else. 

The grass is so green in April.

Sometimes I think the deer pose for the camera.

Sometimes they stroll by.

Sometimes they are in a hurry!

Often they are in groups of three or four.

Note the small nubs - the beginnings of antlers on this deer.  This guy is the only Buck that was photographed last month. 

We did have a turkey amble by.

Just a solitary bird.

Nocturnal raccoons. 

This is by far the most interesting photo. There is an opossum on the ground.  But look, what do you think is flying above Mr. Opossum?  I originally thought it was a bat, but now I'm leaning toward an owl.  I think the head is too large for it to be a bat.  

Around the 20th of the month we changed the direction of the Trail Camera so that it looks down a path.  The seasonal creek crossing is to the left of the tree.  Our thought was that we'd still get the crossings back and forth as well as maybe more shots up and down the path.  

Here are a couple of deer walking along the path.
We're going to continue our trial through the month of May and then reassess.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I always enjoy seeing the wild turkeys - I imagine them to be jaunty birds.

Frances N said...

I always love the trail cam photos!
So much fun to see who stops by!