Thursday, May 14, 2015

May Blog Header Revealed, Finally

Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles May 2015 Blog Header

Vertical (up and down) rows - details below. If the chart contains multiple designs, I've listed both the chart and design names.  

Row #1: Ewe and Eye and Friends, "Peacock Spot Sampler"; The Yankee Stitcher, "An Ostentation of Peacocks"; The Drawn Thread, "For the Birds";  Birds of a Feather, "Happy as a Lark".

Row #2: The Stitching Shed, "Cluck Cluck"; Easy Cross Stitch Pattern A Day Calendar 2009, Elizabeth Spurlock, "Chickadee"; Plum Street Samplers, "Free Bird"; The Prairie Schooler, "Spring and Fall" - "May".

Row #3: Barrick Samplers, "Brite Birds" freebie; Madeleine Floyd, "Blue Tit"; Praiseworthy Stitches, "Winter Bird Delight"; Just Nan, "Bluebird Sampler".  

Row #4: The Cricket Collection, "We the People" - "Uncle Sam and Friend";  The Cricket Collection, "Soft Boiled" - "Tiny Chick"; Lizzie Katie, "Six Fat Men" - "Snowy Birdhouse" border freebie; The Prairie Schooler,  "As the Crow Flies"- "Sow Four Seeds".

Row #5: The Prairie Schooler, "A Prairie Christmas" - "Partridge"; The Trilogy, "Happy Chirp Chirp Day"; Bent Creek, "Tiny Tim Turkey"; Sam Sarah Designs, "Baubles - R is for Robin"; Twisted Threads, "Easter Trio" - "Bitty Chick Sampler"; Heart in Hand, "Checkerbird".
Row #6: Bent Creek, "Red Winged Blackbird"; The Prairie Schooler, "October" - "October Owls", Twisted Threads, "Winter Trio" - "Cardinal Sampler"; Crazy Folk, "Fly By Night". 

Row #7: The Need'l Love Company, "Sunflower Harvest" - "Crow and Berries"; The Cricket Collection, "Eggs...etera", "Painted Egg".

Row #8: Heart in Hand, "Wee Rooster"; La-D-Da, "Tis Better to Give Than Receive".

Whew!  That took some doing!

Solomon is intent.

He's bird watching.

Apparently the upside down antics of the Band-tailed Pigeons amuse everyone.

Are you amused?

It is rare that I see a female Acorn Woodpecker these days.

I hope that means that they are busy nesting.

She's not talking.

I have two 'cage in a cage' suet feeders that I am using in attempt to deter the Starlings from scarfing down my suet.  The Flickers are able to use this feeder just fine... 

...but so can the Starlings, though it does slow them down and my suet is lasting longer. 

This is my larger 'cage in a cage' suet feeder.  It does a better job of keeping the Starlings at bay.  Smaller woodpeckers like the Downy Woodpecker can access the food easily, the Flickers and Jays have to work harder, but they are using it as there is no other easier choice available now.

The male California Quail  have become very protective.

They now stay close my their female standing guard.

The Red-breasted Nuthatch is smiling. 
I hope you have reason to smile today.


Pondside said...

The new header is inspiring. What a lot of hours it represents!
Upside down birds - they are too funny!

Vickie said...

Clever, clever birds.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I always enjoy looking at your new header each month. This is a lovely one, I have stitched that little blue tit design.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The upside down pigeons are so funny Beth. Lovely birds as always.

Melissa said...

Beth, that upside down pigeon is hilarious!

Quite an awesome header! I just think of all the efforts that went into not only stitching all the pieces but compiling them together. Well done!

Weronika said...

Wonderful header Beth. You've done so many wonderful stitching!

Barb said...

Thanks for all the information in your header! I love to see the quails. Good luck keeping starlings away. So far, we haven't seen any.

Christine said...

What a fantatsic header! Lovely bird pictures too

krayolakris said...

Thanks for taking time to list your header items! It's gorgeous!

Anne L said...

What beautiful birds! I would love to see one of those silly acorn woodpeckers on my feeder. How do you keep the squirrels away? I sometimes think I am feeding more squirrels than birds. Anne

daisy g said...

Looks like your birds are keeping you busy there.
Wonderful stitchery!

Wanda said...

Beth, what an incredible header! It is just so inspiring!
What great pics of the pigeons! As always, I love the great pictures you are able to get of the acorn woodpeckers and flickers.

Chris said...

Your header is wonderful! So many great designs and beautiful stitching.
Love these funny birds.

Maggee said...

I have FIVE of your header stitches... I think that is a record! Only two are stitched, but three are in my to-be-stitched pile! Hey, that's something... I am so happy the starlings and grackles cannot get to yours and my suet as easily... It really saves on buying it! I had a squirrel put on a show recently that I will blog about soon. Hugs!