Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Building a Bunny

Now that I've got the basics of "Hare Crossing's" border done,
I've begun to build a bunny - the brown blob! 

Today I am celebrating my many finches... 

I am confidently stating this is a male Purple Finch!
I base my ID because of the color on the wings, and the lack of streaked flanks.

I also have House Finches for sure. 
This male has no color leaching on his wings and he has brown stripes on his flanks - so House Finch! 

As I've mentioned, the American Goldfinches have returned.
Several folks have commented that they have Goldfinches all year.  Mine stay around until late October / early November.  By that time they've lost all their bright summer color and are adorned in their dull winter feathers.  They then leave. I am at 500 feet elevation - my theory is that they go down to the valley floor to spend the winter where the temperatures are a bit more mild.  

After being AWOL for a couple of weeks, my Lesser Goldfinch has returned as well.

This nice couple ate their fill of nyger thistle seed.

The photo on the bottom right of the collage shows my male Lesser Goldfinch on the left,and a male American Goldfinch on right side of the bag of seed.  They look enough different that I don't have any ID issues with them!

But the BIG FINCH NEWS this week is ...

The return of the Evening Grosbeaks!
Tuesday morning the distinctive 'chirrs' of the Evening Grosbeak sounded louder and closer.  And finally this guy appeared in the trees near the feeders. 

By Tuesday afternoon, I had two couples hanging about. 

They seem to like my newest feeder just fine.

It's so great to have them back.
I am hopeful the Grosbeak population will continue to grow.
And I am still awaiting the return of the Black-headed Grosbeaks.


Margaret said...

Wow. So fantastic! I love seeing the birds who frequent your feeders. Love the color!

Pam in IL said...

I love seeing all the birds that visit your feeders and yard. You have some fantastic pics!

Catherine said...

You live in such a magical bird place!

Maggee said...

Second week that I reminded myself to get the feeders cleaned and hung...might be too late now...?? Hugs!