Sunday, April 13, 2014

To (Food) Market to (Plant) Market

Our Farmers' Market is in full swing again. 
There is now a nice row of meat vendors - fish, lamb, chicken, pork and beef.

And lots of produce vendors as well.

Though it is too early to set them out (and too cold) there were lots of tomato plants for sale.

This might have been my favorite booth.
The table had agates for sale.  
The small boy shouted out, "Hey lady!  You wanta' buy some rocks?!?"  

So many pretty flowers.

Signs that spring is here!   

Some of the new vendors at the market included a booth selling honey.

And these are drinking vinegars - called shrubs.
Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Pretty eggs too!

After buying some cheese and cheese curds at the market, we visited Down to Earth.

I adore plants but also garden features like this lovely birdbath.

And look at this bench!  It has snowdrops on the legs.

And this bench thought it is hard to tell, as a lovely leaf pattern on the seat.

Down to Earth has the best signs.  They must have an amazing chalk artist on their staff.

I always come back with lots of ideas.
And this time, with lots of plants too!


Cindy's Stitching said...

great pictures. Spring is an awesome time of year.

Tea norman said...

Love the watering cans. The colors are beautiful. The radishes are beautiful. Was talking about radishes yesterday.

Mary said...

Hey lady...did you buy any rocks?

Von said...

What an awesome market! Our markets should be starting in the next few weeks. Can't wait!

LaNelle said...

Looks like a great market wish we had one that looked like that, ours won't open till mid June!

Melody said...

what a nice market! The bench with the snowdrops on the legs is beautiful!

cucki said...

Very nice market :)

Chris said...

Hey Lady! I wish I was there with you to see everything. I love the shrubs...think Jane Austen...

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Very colourful post Beth, so many things to see - looks like a fun visit.

Wanda said...

Looks like a great time Beth! I am yearning for our farmer's markets to open. My mouth was watering at the thought of cheese curds!

Margaret said...

I love seeing both places. Fantastic! I have heard somewhere that drinking a bit of vinegar a day is supposed to be good for you in some way. Maybe that's where the drinking vinegar comes from? Can't remember how it's beneficial though.

Barb said...

I love this time of year when all the markets start up!

Vickie said...

tee hee! That is a fun sales pitch from a finely dressed young man. :)
Never heard of shrubs. Those eggs are very pretty. What a chalk artist indeed!

Natasha said...

Ahhh Spring. My favorite time of year not only the beautiful weather but also all of the tasty veggies!

Great photos.

Maggee said...

A gal at my work sells organic, grain fed, chicken eggs, which I have been getting for about 4 to 5 months now... and my last batch were mixed like your photo! You should have heard the comments at home! ha! Great tour of the Farmer's Market.