Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Building a Basket

I am building an Easter basket.  Slowly. 
I have one stitch too many on my two long rows.  So I need to frog, but could not face that late Monday night.  I'll tackle it today.

While the mornings have been foggy, it has soon burned off, and
we've had some lovely days.  

Smart folks have taken advantage of the warm sunshine.

I go back and forth - House Finch or Purple Finch.
Given the size of the beak and the notch in the tail I am now leaning toward Purple Finch. (I probably have both kind mingling together which is making it that much more confusing!)  

No confusion here - a Black-capped Chickadee

A handsome male California Quail.
I seem to have around 14-18 - all of them paired up now with the males beginning to squabble with one another.

I've had up to six Mourning Doves, but most often just one pair.

My American Goldfinch flock continues to grow.
There are fourteen in this photo using all six of the feeders.
The quail and a bunny are grazing in the lawn. 

They are like spots of liquid sunshine!

More females (2nd from the left) are starting to appear.

I continue to hear Evening Grosbeaks off in the distance.
Sunday evening I heard and then watched a group of nine fly overhead.
But thus far no one has come to my feeders. I'll be really disappointed if they pass me by this year. 
Update: 7:30am My first Evening Grosbeak sighting! So far just a single male.  He is singing and calling up a storm, so perhaps other will come. What a nice Earth Day surprise!


Melody said...

Sorry that you have to frog. I hope the mistake will not be to painful to fix. The bird photos are wonderful as always!

Kathy F said...

I think I'd leave that extra stitch!! Lol. I'm so upset with my birding. A flock of starlings has laid claim to my feeders. I haven't put out any seed in 2 weeks but I still see them coming by to check every day or two. I know if I fill the feeders they will be back in herds. So frustrating because they devour. Yes I discriminate!!!! Think it would help if I put out a sign????? Ugh.

cucki said...

Oh no :(

Marlene Jones said...

I hate seeing the frog, and always for just one stitch!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just been catching up on all your recent posts with the lovely bird photos. I love that coppery colour and the close up of the quail - the feather detail is so lovely. I think I'd work round the mistake rather than unpick Beth.

Pam in IL said...

Sorry you have to frog. I'd probably leave the extra stitch. Beautiful birds and I'm happy that you have your first Evening Grosbeak!

Carol said...

Sorry the frog has made his way to your place, Beth! I just love your Goldfinch photos so much. We actually had five or six on our feeder the other day, but I couldn't capture a photo... Hopefully, they'll be back :)

Margaret said...

Ah the birds. Beautiful! Love the basket you're working on too!

Barb said...

Sorry about your visit from the frog! I think it will be a great little design when you finish.

Chris said...

So glad that a Grosbeak showed up. I love the color of them, that rosy red..

Chris said...

So glad that a Grosbeak showed up. I love the color of them, that rosy red..

Maggee said...

Song sparrows and house finches in the first picture? Honing my guessing skills... and STILL trying to catch up on posts! By now, you have probably Finished the basket piece! I'll get there... Hugs!

Catherine said...

Love the quail and the dove!!