Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday's Sermon All Creatures Great and Small

This Sunday morning I give thanks for all the beauty that surrounds me. 

High, high up in the sky...

Skein after skein of geese fly by.

Closer to the ground I am charmed by a male House Finch.

He's a rather handsome fellow.

The deer placidly graze.

An Evening Grosbeaks watches quizzically.
Look how bright yellow the tail feathers are.

An American Goldfinch and a Lesser Goldfinch have a confab. 

The bunny knows...

He is being observed.

 Ten American Goldfinches!

And five chipmunks on the Big Woodpile.
As you can see I gave them some peanuts as a treat for staying off the Back Patio!  Good Chipmunks - you'll live longer that way!

All Creatures Great and Small in my Backyard.


Bianca said...

Great pictures, Beth. It's amazing to see the bird formations in the sky. From far away it looks like a little hairline, but they are really so many. Also, that little house finch is too cute!

LaNelle said...

What a great Sunday nature the pictures always look forward to reading & looking at your blog!

Marlene Jones said...


Frances N said...

What a special back yard! I love animals and birds, too-but I think you have the most perfect place to enjoy nature!! How lovely!

cucki said...

So lovely x

Ann at Beadlework. said...

For me, there is something so special about seeing the geese fly in formation. These photos are extra special as there as so many of them.

Mouse said...

awwww love the photos and now I am singing the hymn (quietly in the head as it is past midnight
love mouse xxxx

Vickie said...

What a wonderful Sunday!

Maggee said...

You are so GOOD to all the creatures, great and small! Love the 'skeins' of geese.. reminds me of something else... let's see... what was it??