Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to Birds

Let's get Back to Birds!
I'm going to stitch Lizzie Kate's kit "Chicks".
That keeps with the theme.

Outside the birds seem to be enjoying the nice weather.

My male Downy still appears to be a bachelor.

It's a bit too soon to tell if any of the California Quail are bachelors. 

I counted a group of 18 in the backyard last evening.

They seem to be slowly pairing up.

AS they do, they'll split up into smaller and smaller units.

With a heavy dew in the morning, the Robins were out and about. 

I like how the morning sunlight shines on the head of my male Acorn Woodpecker.

I think the female is perhaps a bit plumper.
I'm hoping for baby Acorns this year!

My Violet-green Swallows continue to house hunt.

Much like the Hummingbirds, they defend their territory against others.

While it is next to impossible to tell a male from a female Scrub Jay, I think this might be a bonded couple.

I continue to have more and more White-crowned Sparrows. I counted six yesterday.

It's much harder to take a Hummingbird census as mine do not share!


Vickie said...

ooOoo! Awesome pictures today! Love.

Anne said...

Great new start and I love the photos of the birds!! I like those Scrub Jays. We have Stellar Jays and they are quite squaky!!

cucki said...

Aww pretty pictures :)
Hugs x

Marlene Jones said...

As always stunning birds and stunning photo's.

LaNelle said...

So enjoy the bird photos, can tell spring has finally arrived at my place as the wood ducks have arrived always look forward to their arrival & courtship. Nice choice for a new stitch.

Melissa said...

Catching up on your blog lovely to see spring blossom and the birds so happy! I particularly like seeing the swallows in your photos. I miss them. There seems to be less each year. I really like the sharpness of their wings which mimic their swoops and dives when they fly. I love them!

Wanda said...

Beautiful pictures Beth! I finally say my first 'Newmarket' robin! I was so excited as I had been hearing them but didn't spot one. The snow is almost gone and today was simply beautiful. I love your picture of the robin and am endlessly fascinated by the acorn woodpeckers and your quail. The LK chicks are adorable.

Pam in IL said...

The birds are so active in your yard! I'd be watching birds all day and never get anything done, lol. The L*K Chicks will be so cute!

Margaret said...

Wow, that last hummingbird pic is spectacular!

Maggee said...

Yes, the sunlight on the Acorn Woodpecker is spectacular! I wish I had more time to just sit and see what birds I do have in the yard... weekends only... Have fun with the new LK stitch!