Monday, April 21, 2014

Retro Monday

As I don't want to bore you with more boring border progress, I've decided to go back in time to a post from 2010. Enjoy.
There are new bird photos below...

Design - "Alphabet Bunny"
Pamphlet - "The Bunny Collection"
Designer - JBW Designs
Fabric - 28 count Antique White Cashel
Floss - DMC
Started - 27 June 2010
Completed - 9 July 2010

While this pattern required lots of color changes - a little light green, then a small dark green letter, then more light green - it was a fun stitch.  The designer included a micro pattern of cabbages, and I added that to the bottom of my bunny. 

I had the perfect dark green Pine Mountain pillow insert at hand.

The bird and the bunny garden ornaments approved!

All in all, a successful stitch - there are four more bunny patterns in this series - I think the pink Gingham Bunny is calling out my name!

We've been pretty heavy with Anna's Hummingbirds lately.
The Rufuos are more bashful, so it was nice to have a pair stop by on Easter.

Here is the handsome copper-colored male.

He arrived at the feeder first and then perched on the porch watching...

Then the female arrived and had a bite to eat. 

The female Rufuos is easily mistaken as an Anna's - but she has brown tail feathers and brown chest feathers mixing among iridescent green.


Pondside said...

Your header is so pretty. I''m glad I dropped by before it changes.
We have seen a lot of hummingbird activity this year as well. I'm buzzed regularly!

Natasha said...

I always love seeing those hummingbirds upclose :D

I think I have asked you this before but how do you do your header picture, what do you use?
Thank You

cucki said...

So beautiful..
Your stitching and header and very sweet photos.
Hugs x

Melissa said...

The bunny finish is cute.

I love seeing your hummingbirds. The brown colour of the male Rufuos is one I haven't seen before. Very nice!

Catherine said...

Phew.....I just finished going through all if your posts that I was behind on...I always enjoy your adventures stitches and beautiful nature photos ~ thanks for sharing!

Frances N said...

Precious alphabet bunny! So sweet! And I love the bird photos! I love beautiful birds--always have. This may seem odd, but I have one smallish box that I keep bird feathers in, when I find them. I think they are so lovely and pretty to look at!

Margaret said...

Ah hummingbirds! I do love them so! Love that rabbit and the pillow finish for it. Love those ones that you just insert, so easy.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love these JBW designs, they are simple and effective too.

I stitched the cat one several times last year, one for each month!

Bianca said...

The copper colored male is quite handsome!

Wanda said...

Love your bunny! Amazing hummingbird pictures Beth! Have a great week.

Pam in IL said...

Great hummingbird pics! That copper colored male is awesome. Your Alphabet Bunny is lovely!